A Fresh Face for Millcreek

I love Millcreek because of the great sense of community, diversity, and culture. As our community grows, I want to make sure we move forward with purpose and sustainability. 

I want to bring real, concrete solutions to make our city a better place for every resident, whether they were born in Millcreek or chose it as their home.

Thom DeSirant

Mayor Jeff Silvestrini

Thom is the only candidate for District 2 who has been attending city council and planning commission meetings regularly for years, not just because they're running for office. He understands the issues and challenges our city faces better than any other candidate. Thom is the best qualified candidate to represent District 2.


Sahara Hayes, Millcreek Community Council

Thom stands out as the clear choice. His vision for the city is specific and attainable, and will directly improve the lives of Millcreek residents. His thoughtful and compassionate nature, combined with his dedication to the city is exactly what we need in District 2. I am proud to endorse Thom DeSirant for City Council.

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Millcreek Firefighters

After speaking with Thom DeSirant, we were impressed at his depth of knowledge on city issues, especially relating to what our local firefighters need. Thom understands public safety issues and will fight for the safety of Millcreek City. Thom is the choice for City Council, please rank him #1 on your ballot.




I’m committed to making sure our neighborhood streets and sidewalks are safe and walkable. When elected, I will make sure your sidewalks, curbs, and gutters are repaired quickly. 


Other cities, like Sandy, post a brief version of their City Council agenda on Facebook and Instagram. I would have Millcreek follow suit so residents can quickly see what the city council is working on each week.


Millcreek has several phenomenal parks, but we’re missing “pocket parks,” small parks that are in a walkable distance to every Millcreek resident.


Millcreek should amend its general plan to encourage owner occupied housing.  Rezone requests should stipulate at least 50% of new, multi-family housing be owner occupied within 10 years.


One reason people don't use our bus system is because Millcreek lacks bus shelters. The city will receive a large amount of one-time funding via a federal infrastructure bill - which could be used to install shelters without affecting our budget


The city should invest in a mobile reporting/e-ticketing system so residents can easily report problems (pot holes, sidewalk cracks, etc) and get updates on them, as well updates for emergencies, like when we had the wind storm last year.


Bulk texting is an easy and inexpensive way to reach out to residents. As your city councilmember, I'll regularly send you short text message polls to get your feedback on city issues.


I’m committed to continuing Dwight Marchant’s penchant for fiscal responsibility. I’ll keep an eye on the budget to keep taxes low so we don't tax anyone out of their homes, especially folks on a fixed income.


Scott Park should be beautified and invested in. I would like the city to install pavilions, plant drought resistant landscaping, and work on the creek design. Personally, I would like to see a similar design to Fitts Park.


Our local city officials make decisions that affect us at the closest level. Roads, recycling and waste disposal, and parks are just a few important areas where the decisions made by municipal governments impact our daily lives. We're hearing a lot about federal infrastructure bills, but it is our local city that makes the final choices about what roads get fixed. 
However, local elections also tend to have the lowest voting turnout. Eighty-nine percent of people in our district, Millcreek City Council 2, voted for president in 2020. In 2019, only 40% voted for mayor - less than half!

Your vote counts, all you have to do is cast it.
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About Thom

After graduating from the University of Maryland, I moved to Utah to be closer to my family. I had been visiting my sister's house in Millcreek for years and had fallen in love with our community and wanted to make it my home too.

I have worked in digital forensics for the federal government, for non-profit ballot measures where I've recruited and managed over 100 employees, and now I work in non-profit fundraising doing consulting, graphic design, and data work.



PO Box 9605
Millcreek, UT 84109

(385) 202-4594

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